Thai Organic Mixed (3 color) Gaba Rice

Our organic three color brown rice is grown via organic composting and other holistic farming practises in natural settings of Northern Thailand.

Combining organic Hom Mali, Red and Black brown rice, our three color offers you a unique rice blend.

Organic three color brown rice contains an array of B vitamins, plus dietary fiber, protein and minerals. Its uniqueness is organic black rice. Deep black or purple in color, this rice contains the highest levels of the antioxidant known as anthocyanin.

Three color rice is well loved by brown rice connoisseurs, having a distinctive aroma and great taste, in addition to its higher nutritional value.

Our organic three color brown rice provides you and your family with a strong foundation to a tasty, healthy meal, in which you enjoy three different types of rice in the same meal.

GABA with GABA substance necessary for enhancing nutrients required for a good health, good for nervous system, heart, blood pressure and anti cancer. GABA rice provide more sweetness, excellent taste, has better texture and is easier to cook.