9 Procedures for Activating Life Energy

Organic Cultivation : Under the guidance of IQS, Maejo University, we developed a systematic approach to organic cultivation, ensuring food safety from farm to table. All steps are recorded, controlled and safeguarded with traceability and transparency.

Organic Soil : The components that give life to healthy soil are minerals, microorganisms, sunshine and air. These factors also vitalize our rice with life force. Our farmers utilize beneficial microorganisms to break down toxic ingredients and enhance soil fertility.

Clean Water : Northern Thailand (Lanna) is endowed with an abundance of water sources. By introducing beneficial microorganisms at the water source, we cleanse the water for use in irrigation, resulting in healthier growth.

Field Barrier : Lemon grass (citronella) is planted to serve as a kind of wind fence to reduce the impact of the wind.

Organic Compost : Fertilizing our soil with compost made from rice husks and stalks rejuvenates our soil back to its original state.

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Hand Weeding : Our farmers use their own hands, not herbicides, to rid their rice fields of weeds that otherwise would rob nutrients away from the soil. The weeds, in turn, are used as fertilizers.

Duck Rearing : part of the organic farming model. After 1 month of transplanting the rice seedlings, we release ducks into the fields. The ducks eat pests and weeds, tilled the soil at the same times. Their waste is used as bio-fertilizer.

Hand Harvest : We only hand harvest our rice. This takes place after 120 days, when the rice has fully matured, with each grain a glorious golden yellow in color. The rice has a pleasing natural fragrance and is full of life-giving energy.

Hand Packing : We use a vacuum pack method that ensures good storage, long shelf life and natural taste.